6 of the Best Web Development Frameworks in 2017

As the world of web matures and flexibility of online space expands rapidly, the strategy to develop rich-featured application gets significantly complicated. Satisfying a potential customer nowadays isn’t easy with just an online presence as everyone wish seeing themselves harnessing the latest technological trends. The burden can mitigate to a greater extent only if developers are well-versed with the latest frameworks of web development in Dubai. Since there’s a pool available, fishing for the right one can be another headache so let’s have a look at only the best ones out there.

  1. AngularJS

For those keeping their pace with the latest technologies of web development in Dubai, AngularJS is a leading name. Angular is a JavaScript open-source framework designed particularly for single-page web applications using the MVC architectural pattern. It isn’t full-stack, rather a front-end framework dealing basically with webpages.

  1. Laravel

Standing in the front of backend web development frameworks is none other than Laravel. Since its evolution in 2011, Laravel has been a light to developers being a free, open-source PHP web framework. It’s built for the development of high-tech, advanced web applications following model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern.

Modular packaging, dedicated dependency manager, utilities that assist in deployment and maintenance of applications, accessing relational databases are a few reasons Laravel is considered the best PHP framework.

  1. JS

React.JS is open source with its JavaScript library maintained by Facebook along with a large community of developers. The library can be converted to web development framework and is extensively used for developing powerful and rich user-interface for web applications. React.JS was invented with the purpose of building large applications bearing data that change by and over.

  1. JS

The primary idea of Node.JS is using non-blocking and event driven Input/output (I/O) so they remain lightweight and efficient against real-time applications with huge amount of running information on distributed devices. Putting it simpler, Node.JS is used for specific reasons to fulfil customised needs and a complete environment rather than just being a framework.

  1. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is developer’s favourite framework for web development in Dubai and considered rather a humorous programming language that keeps developers stress-free during work. Some of the known global brands such as Hulu, Basecamp, Airbnb and many others have their websites developed with Ruby on Rails (RoR). Since 2005, RoR has been free of cost and runs on Linux platform being open-source.

  1. Symfony

For large-scale and sophisticated corporate level projects, we’ve Symfony PHP framework. It’s quite stable and helps developers create scalable websites that can easily adapt to the changing business requisites. Symfony can work in coalition with some of the most largest open source platforms such as Piwik, Drupal, PHPBB and so on.


Build a powerful website with the above web development frameworks and set a lasting impression on the digital platform.

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