The 7 Social Networking Trends For 2018: Transform Followers into Fans

We can no longer deny that social networks dominate the market and are one of the main ways to earn revenue. They are constantly changing and therefore, those who work in the area need to be always prepared. Media and technological revolutions happen all the time. So how do you position a brand on social networks? Social networks are in constant revolution. Find out now 7 trends for 2018 and how to prepare for them.

1. Growth of communities

In 2017 it was possible to notice the growth and strengthening of communities in social networks. This is a trend that gets even stronger in 2018. When well managed and relevant to users, these groups can assist in the algorithm of company profiles.

Brands have groups that are always present in their profiles, those people who always comment, react and share their publications. What many brands need to pay attention to is that there are a number of ways to manage your followers and make them the brand’s advocates, which will contribute to network growth and brand success.

2. User generated content

As we have already mentioned, we are in a situation with extremely active and empowered consumers. Brand followers not only want to feel represented by what they see on social networks: they want to perceive themselves as characters in that construction. One way to adapt to this reality is to invest in user-generated content. It can bring valuable benefits to any brand.

3. Opportunities with ephemeral content

In recent years we have seen the growth of ephemeral content in social networks. But what exactly is ephemeral content? They are transient moments! A story, for example, only stays in the air for 24 hours. This type of content brings great opportunities for companies, as they create a sense of urgency in the user. The strategy is called fear of missing out, which literally means fear of losing, which makes people not want to miss that moment. Such features bring an opportunity to engage even more users, who only have that moment to experience and share the content.

4. Mobile takes over

That many people own a smartphone you already know! But do you have a notion of what that means? This represents a representative niche for the market and the trend, as you can see, is that this number grows each year.

Some companies already invest in getting mobile traffic. However, the demand for these adaptive content does not match what is currently produced, especially in social networks. Understanding consumer habits is essential to the success of your strategy, which will always aim at optimizing your user experience with your product / service. Next year comes as an ultimatum for brands that do not yet invest in the adaptability of their content: start now or be behind.

5. Focus on Generation Z

The young generation Z, born between 1993 and 2012, take care of social networks. If this is not a concern for your company before, think again! These people accumulate more and more capital and have great participation in the consumer market.

These young people offer great opportunities because when they believe in a company they become brand advocates. But attention! The opposite is also true, and when disappointed by a product, service or service can be the nightmare of any endeavor. Therefore, knowing how to work with this growing and more powerful portion of the population is a key factor in a brand’s success or failure.

6. The chatbots revolution

Companies are increasingly investing in chatbots. These tools are increasingly smart and ready to serve consumers in any situation. They offer the possibility of fast and humane service, optimizing the work of professionals in the area. With the automation in the contact with the users, it is easier to redirect and to give due treatment to each case.

7. Even more powerful audiovisual content

It’s virtually impossible to get into any social network and do not find dozens of videos content. This is already a trend for some time, but 2018 is really the year that this strategy will take care of social networks.


Brands that can think outside the box and do it differently from all others will surely come out ahead in this dispute for consumer attention. If you got here you already know what to do to get even better results next year! Understanding what is the trend in social media marketing Dubai is valuable in optimizing your strategy throughout the Gulf. Working with social networks is always complex, because of the innumerable changes that take place and the risks that we need to take. But knowing investing in them may be what will guarantee your results.

Sarah Feldman

Sarah Feldman is a Marketing Manager at Digital Express, a Web Design and Development Company in Dubai and has a professional team of front end developer in Dubai.

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