Benefits and Ways to Immigrate Australia

Australia has enjoyed continuously a moderately high place in the minds of the perceptive Indian migrants due to its soaring standard of living as well as the balanced standard of living supported by a well-built economy along with scenic backdrops. In case if you are also interested in permanent immigration to Australia from India, we need to know the requirements of getting the permit to reside in Australia. To migrate Australia, you require applying for the Permanent Residency (PR) visa to be approved a right to work, live and study in Australia without any limitation.

How to migrate Australia from India?

There are several ways through which aspirants can move to Australia from India such as:

  • Aspirants can move to Australia as Skilled Worker

Applicants can get the visa for Australia from India as skilled migrants. Under this category, they require selecting a profession from CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List) or SOL (Skilled Occupation List) to be relevant for preferred visa category.

  • Aspirants can immigrate Australia through Temporary work Visa

Under this category, applicants can work on in Australia for up to four years. The visas below this class are the subsidized visas, i.e.

  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489)
  • Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457)

These visa categories can be transformed in to permanent residency afterward after fulfilling certain conditions.

  • Applicants can immigrate Australia as businessman

If an applicant desire to shift Australia to start a new or invest in an existing business, he/she required to select and apply for the proper business visa. Main visas under this group are Investment and Business category Visas.

  • Applicant can immigrate Australia by applying as a spouse or relative of the Permanent citizen or resident in Australia

One can apply under this category if your spouse or relative is permanent resident or citizen of Australia or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.

  • Applicant can immigrate to Australia on study basis

One can apply for visa for Australia from India if he/she wants to study in Australia. One can apply through any of the below-given visa categories

  • Vocational Education and Training Sector visa (subclass 572).
  • Higher Education Sector Visa (subclass 573).
  • Training and Research visa (subclass 402).
  • Postgraduate Research Sector Visa (subclass 574).

Benefits of getting Permanent Resident in Australia

Being a permanent resident, you are allowed to live in Australia for an indefinite period. You can get pleasure from the conveniences of limitless travel to and from Australia as you become a permanent resident.

The further important feature of permanent residence is about the work permit. With a permanent resident visa working in Australia turn out to be more comfortable. Permanent residents are allowed to work for any company in any profession except Armed forces services or Public Service

After getting permanent resident status, one can enjoy the unrestricted liberty to practice the lessons of study they prefer as well. Plus they can also enjoy the benefits of taking education loans obtainable for permanent residents.

Permanent residents can take benefits of health insurance plan administrated by the government known as Medicare.

Permanent residents can as well sponsor their family for permanent residence.

Kids of permanent residents are deemed Australian citizens by birth if they are born in Australia.

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