How to Compete for your Target University Effectively in Grade 12

If you enter Grade 12 but have not built your academic or extracurricular credentials, or lack a solid foundation in Math or Science, you have to find efficient ways to catch up. It is recommended that you spend the first two months of the school year, (i.e. Sept and Oct), strengthening your foundation skills for the upcoming challenges. You have to work twice as hard, but this will make the rest of the year less stressful. Another recommended option is to take Queen Elizabeth private credit courses. Our courses provide quality education and focus on building a strong foundation for students so that they are prepared for their first year at university.

This is accomplished through our small classes (6-8 students), where our students can get individual attention in a fully engaging learning environment. We value hard work and practice. In our Grade 12 Math courses, we provide 1,500+ math problems for practice. We organize the material, categorizing the important types of questions to teach our students how to take notes effectively, a skill that is very important in university. In our English 12 courses, besides the required Grade 12 curriculum, we use additional lessons to teach our students how to write essays. The students will need to write essays and research papers in university, so this preparation is crucial.

If you haven’t yet engaged in activities that make you stand out, it is time to pursue the ones that can be completed in several months and still demonstrate credibility. This includes DECA (, Wilfred Laurier Stock Market Competition, and Waterloo Mathematics Contests. Below is a list of key credible activities that you can join in Grade 12. Note that if you are participating in contests, it is worthwhile to spend extra time preparing, (i.e. 30 hours+), to ensure you get a good score, (at least at 99th percentile), otherwise the experience will not stand out enough. One piece of advice I give students who desire to enter Business Studies is to start his or her own company. This will require more time, but the experience demonstrates entrepreneurship and initiative.

A List of Activities to Build your Credentials


• DECA (
• Ontario Government – Start a Summer
Company – up to $3,000 grants to support high school students to start his own company
• Wilfred Laurier Stock Market Competition (
• McMaster University – High School Business Heroes

The post is originally written by Queen Elizabeth Academy – Tutoring Mississauga.

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