How to Create a Better Explainer Video?

In this instant world, we all seek everything that is fast, to the point and precise. There is no room for long explanations that just beat around the bush. Also, we do not have the time to read lengthy explanations. Today is the time for videos. We create videos to explain everything. From how to cook pasta to sell products, we create videos that will attract people and attention.

While videos were used just for entertainment until a few years early, today it is also used as a medium to make and expand business. After all, video can do more wonders that other contents can’t do. Explainer videos are a rage these days.

Explainer videos are short online videos created for marketing purpose. They are created to explain the products or services that a company provides. These videos are short and understandable. They explain everything about the company in a short interval and that is the key to the success of these videos.

Explainer videos are found on the landing page of the company’s website. They are also placed on the most important page of the website where people’s attention is going to fall. The trend of explainer videos is very popular because it is said to have increased conversion rates in great percentages.

Different types of explainer videos –

There are many types of explainer videos and you must choose the most apt one for your company and business. Usually, you should choose the explainer video that majority of your audience are going to like.

Live explainer video –

It is a real video and not an animated one. This type of promotional video explains about your company and its services. This type of explainer video issuitable for companies that sell products and services related to food, restaurant, and consultation group etc. this is because, when you have real people in your explainer video, your audience can relate to the video and will have an emotional connection.

Animated explainer video –

This is the most used form of explainer video. Live videos do not have creativity. They will be limited to the real world. But animated videos can create a fantasy world. It is mostly used in tech products and software companies where explanations become easier when animation is used. They are also easier to edit and you can make a video that has no boundaries.

White board explainer video –

It is a kind of explainer video in which animations are written or drawn over a white board and erased. It is low cost and easy to operate.

Who to make an impressive explainer video –

  • You must write the best script for your business and that is the only way you can make a good explainer video. Hire the best writers to write the script for your video. The script should be so simple that it must explain your company in a way that even a common man can understand. Hire PPC management services India to do the needful.
  • Keep the video short and simple. People do not have a lot of time. If you do not get to the point within ten seconds into the video, chances are they will just close your website page.
  • Explain your business in four steps. The problem, the solution, how your company can solve the problem and how they can seek the solution from you. It should be that simple.
  • Instead of concentrating on the various features of your products and services, talk about how beneficial it can be to the viewer. That is what he will be seeking after all.
  • Audio is very important for your video. Hire a professional voice. Do not use some common voice that doesn’t attract attention.
  • If you are using background music, it must be soothing and low. Do not use loud and harsh music because everyone’s taste is not the same. Some people will close the tab if they here loud music.

Since an explainer video is the first thing that anyone who visits your website sees, it must be very enticing. Only when your explainer video is interesting will your audience want to browse your site further. They engage potential customers and let them get to know about your company. A good explainer video should describe your business clearly and drive more sales to your business.

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