Credentialing and Its Importance in Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the hottest spaces in our times and signs are that it would continue to do so. Probably because of the advance of science both medical and technological, has put the interest of customers to the fore. But it is a tough field to survive in, as we see lawsuits being filed every day and doctors running for cover. Precaution needs to be observed while operating on patients. One wrong step could very easily cost the life of a person. For this reason, International standard bodiesare purposefully stressing on the fact that only credentialed employees be taken into the medical premises.

Hence if anyone asks the need for the global certification industry to assert its importance in the sector of healthcare then the answer is straightforward and simple. It protects an enterprise form a potential lawsuit and puts proper safeguards in place to ensure that the people who come to the brand putting their faith in the services, get the treatment that they deserve.

If one reads into the norms of operation of the International standard bodies to understand the true meaning of credentialing services, then it would be pretty clear that ensuring the knowledge of employees, be it the top line doctors or bottom line staff such as the compounded, should be prioritized. But don’t be mistaken. The entire process is not to be confused with that of contracting.

As a reader, this begs the question that how are credentials obtained and how does a background check begin to confirm the information that has been furnished by a professional.

Go through all the institutions which have been mentioned on the resume. Get in touch with them and confirm the authenticity of the degreewhich has been represented. This might require a human resource professional to call government bodies that have issued the certificate or any other international standard bodies.

Also, the time which has been put forward as the experience needs to be verified. That would requisition the receipts which have been issued to patients.

Ever heard of the data bank. Yes, there’s a body going by the name of the national data bank. This is essentially a clearinghouse opened in 1990, for the objective of aligning the processes involved with information gathering for those in the global credentialing industry to cross-check important information.

Further, there is the factor of the Joint Commission which comes in. The function of the joint commission is to audit hospitals in order to make sure that the way they are operating is in line with the formal demands of the global credentialing industry. Even the Joint Commission certifies the hospitals but only upon finding whether the healthcare body meets the standard procedures or not.

As more and more super specialty hospitals emerge for the convenience of people, the credentialing mechanisms are bound to go on a streamlining journey of their own, demanding better quality out of the services.

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