Different Varieties of Cakes for Your Parties

Everyone loves cakes, and these are globally, the best form of desserts that are loved by all. No party is complete with cake especially not a birthday party! These days, there are so many different bakeries, gourmet patisseries and online e-gifting stores that make the best quality cakes for pickup as well as delivery. There are also so many different varieties of cakes that you can pick from these days that you can be spoiled for choices!

Here are some of the different types of cake varieties that you can choose from your parties

Full Cake

This is the most common cake that you can choose for your parties. A full cake comes in various sizes and shapes, so you can easily customize this for a full party. If you are looking for a fancy cake, then you can get it customized completely from the shape of the cake to the fondant, frosting and the flavors. You can also customize these online on any e-gifting websites that do online cake delivery in Udaipur, Raipur or anywhere across India. You can buy a full cake in any size the smallest being 500 grams and the biggest usually has no limits and is as per your preferences.


The same cake flavors that you have chosen for your full cake can be customized into tiny pastries for parties and functions. Pineapple cakes, black forest cakes, red velvet cakes and many other such cakes can b easily customized into pastries. The best part about pastries is that they are easy to eat and less messy as compared to cutting a full cake. They are also great for serving in a party because you won’t need to worry and the portion sizes for each person at your party.


Cupcakes are another great option for serving cakes at your parties. These are fun sized cakes that are perfect for serving at your parties. These can be of different flavors and sizes depending on your preferences. Cupcakes are usually cheaper than ordering a full cake for your party. The best way to order cupcakes is to do it at a bakery that does online cake delivery in Udaipur or anywhere across India. This way, you won’t have to worry about picking up the delivery of 100 cupcakes because these will be easily delivered to your doorstep.


You can easily order macaroons online or at your local patisserie or bakery. It is important to note that not every bakery can get the macaroons right, so it is important to book these from a bakery that has a past experience of doing bulk orders in macaroons and one that is experienced in making the best quality macaroons. While there are a lot of different patisseries and bakeries in India that make bulk orders not all of them have the forte and expertise to make the right quality of macaroons.

Book the right type of cake for your party today from any of the above varieties and complete your party with the right dessert for the night!

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