Experience the Splendour of Spots in India

There are amazing sites in India that have their distinct splendour.  Whether you love mountains, crowded spiritual spots, amazing picturesque sites or any other type of destination; India has everything stored for you.

A peep into the Valley of Flowers

Have you ever heard about Valley of flowers trek? Well, Valley of Flowers is a lively and splendid national park exists in West Himalayas. Snuggled in Uttarakhand, the appealing place is well-known for its delightful meadows of alpine flowers. Endowed with a huge range of widespread flora, the spot is attractive in its beauty. This lavish region is also home to some rare and scarce animal species. You might come across animals like snow leopard, Asiatic black deer, musk deer, brown bear, red fox and blue sheep. Tall in the lofty Himalayas of Garhwal region, it   this enchanting valley sprawls.  Legends believe this to be the place from where Hanuman had gathered the Sanjeevanibuti for remedial Lakshmana. This spot has floral meadowlands, running streams and gorgeous backdrop of mountains. Talking about the location of Valley of Flowers, it is situated 300kms north of the place Rishikesh, near Badrinath.

Bright green mountain ranges, splashing green meadows and white clouds create a fantastic locale known as Valley of Flowers. Flowing waterfalls are abundant while you’re crossing towards valley. Declared as a National Park in the year 1982, this vibrant valley is a world heritage site. The primeval beauty, mystical surroundings baits nature lovers, shutterbugs and botanists. You must go on this trek if you love adventure, thrill and natural beauty.

It might also interest you that this Valley of Flowers stays cloaked with a dense blanket of snow during winter season. This spot is in full bloom during the time of July, August and September.  It is the finest time to experience and explore magnificence of this superb place. The aqua waters of Pushpawati River splits this valley into two portions. Dew drops of fresh flowers, the recurring sound of flowing water and romantic breeze can be relished by visitorsduring times of July to September. As per the local philosophies, this valley was occupied by pixies. No wonder, this is a fairy land.

Are there convenient ways?

Well, no matter you are up for a thrilling experience in core adventure sites of India or you are looking forward to visit a historic and culture site; you can find plenty of spots out there.  You can experience so much of richness through friendly packages. You can look for packages like Delhi Agra tour package 2 Days and so on. There are many people out there who use packages for their journeys and visits. No matter you have the thirst for adventure, spiritual sites or natural delights; you can find it all. The good thing is that you can enjoy these spots with your family members, friends and everyone.

So, do you think that these spots are worth visiting?  Well, before you say something, it would be lovely you visit them once. These places are absolutely mesmerising and hypnotic. You will never regret your visit to these spots and destinations.

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