How to Generate Leads Through Linkedin

Linkedin is the largest professional network for business professionals. People visit Linkedin with purpose to get connected with people. The most important thing is to keep your Linkedin profile updated. More the people check out your profile the more they get to know about you. Linkedin is considered to be more effective and popular when comes to B2B lead generation.

Basic Things to Do –

  • Build a rich personal profile on Linkedin. First of all make your Linkedin profile perfect.
  • Place your original present photo as your profile picture. Placing company logo, other unrelated pictures are not advisable.
  • All your data must be updated. Provide complete info of your profile.
  • Get connected with your friends and colleagues.
  • It is said that 64% of people believe that Linkedin helps to develop and find new relationship for the growth of business.
  • Linkedin is a more effective way to generate leads when compared to Facebook or Twitter.
  • 77% of B2B marketers say that, they have acquired customers through Linkedin.
  • Two new members sign up on Linkedin every second.

Adding People to your Connections –
Getting connected with people may not directly generate leads, but it adds value to the group and in turn provides new customers to the business.

Join Groups –

You can start a discussion by joining groups related to your industry and can share some interesting articles or can comment whatever you feel or want to share in groups. It is one of the best way to generate leads.

People like us also would comment on that particular post. Add them to your connection which is the best way to get in touch with people who are related to your industry. In the long term you can get in touch with people and generate valuable leads.

Later on you can raise the profile of the company. As it is the best way for the people to let them know much about your company, portfolio, latest release, etc. By participating in groups you spread your visibility online.

Who Viewed your Profile –
Just find out who viewed your profile and get connected to them who are of the same industry. In free account holder, it displays their name and headline you can find 5 results of who has viewed your profile. In premium Linkedin account you can see unlimited number of people who visited your profile.

You can generally find these information in the free account-

  • Upto 5 results of who viewed your profile.
  • Number of visits to your profile.
  • Number of times you have appeared in search results.

Make Your Profile Public –
Make your profile public so that anyone can view your profile completely. Write your profile in first person. Fill the complete profile information.

Search for Opportunities –
Can make use of advanced search option to find prospects. You can easily filter people based on relationship, groups, industry, location, and much more. Then save this data. Add them to your connections and build a relationship with them.

Tips to Generate Leads Through Linkedin –

  • Reply to the messages in a timely manner, don’t forget to reply back.
  • Send a personalized connection request.
  • Reply them with your contact info. So that if they want to contact you. It might be easier for them.
  • Add skills to your skills and expertise section.
  • Don’t forget to add strong keyword to your profile title and summary.
  • Post links to content as it becomes a source of business information and attract connections.
  • When someone else engages your comment, continue engaging them.
  • Always share a valuable information.
  • Get connected with people who usually engage you.
  • Be specific, don’t forget to add website.
  • Customize your Linkedin page.
  • Do recommendation.
  • Start a group discussion invite people to join your group.
  • Make use of product and service section to share the marketing information.
  • Don’t wait for the leads to come to you, look for them yourself.
  • Place a video with call to action.

Linkedin is the best way to generate high quality leads. The main thing to generate leads is to make sure that you provide a compelling offer with a call to action. When your account is upgraded you get some features and benefits, where you get access to more tool. Through which you are likely to generate more leads.

I am Vin, working in a Digital Marketing in Mississauga. I am very much active on Linkedin. I have generated many leads through it. In fact it is the best way to drive business. Currently I am generating leads for Canada base moving company.

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