Going Places in the Field of Private Equity

The industry in itself is a major attraction to a lot of people but when it comes to specifics we see a difference of opinion. If one were to debate the topic of the total number of jobs that have been created by the private equity industry, then the answers would depend on the kind of people we pose the question to. Some would be dismayed the number not meeting their expectations however, others would thank their stars that there is this type of an industry in the first place.

Having said that, there is one particular level of profile that this parallel of the financial world simply can’t and won’t stop adding. We are talking about the associate level jobs. Not far back in time, such kind of jobs didn’t even exist in the Private equity world. Look around today and you will find that thousands of people hired as associates are burning their fuel day-in-day-out. So the question arises, now that a whole new step has been added to enter into the industry, what sort of responsibilities will they handle and how will they go up?

In ones’ private equity career, it is not that easy to become a manager from being an associate. Hence in this post, we will try and simply lay down a few pointers that should be able to give you an idea about a prospective private equity career.

Preparing yourself to do things the hard way

This is one way to get noticed by those with whom you share your workspace. For a fact, people are aversive to doing the hard work, one that gets their hands dirty. But if you were to take this advice, then getting into dirt and correct someone else’s wrongs into right, makes you the go-to guy.

Who to Impress

As a rule of thumb, always try and keep happy the portfolio company CEOs first. Second, in line come your firms’ bosses. The management teams of the portfolio companies are the best source of information on how to run a deal, as compared with Private Equity (PE) co-workers. Moreover, if your efforts have been able to create a lasting impression on the former, then your boss would automatically receive your positive feedback and who knows a new deal as well!

Being Humble  

A Private equity career is something that could make you come across as a pompous person, who is too proud of his/her achievements. What if you tried to be humble and down to earth? Try that, you’d be surprised to see the kind of expressions on people’s faces.

Are you sure about the private equity career?

This is the main problem. You might have landed yourself in good space to be able to believe that you are at the helm but is that who you are? Perhaps yes, maybe no. observe the people above you and think about it, would you devote 20 years of life becoming that. If yes go with all guns blazing.

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