Here’s How to Create a Website People Will Love

I’m sure, at some time, you have visited many business websites that had created an urge to hit the close button.

A study conducted by Fast company suggests that “people are more likely abandon cluttered websites compared to clean and minimalist ones”.

Think about the reasons visitors would immediately abandon a website without taking any action. May be the website loading time is too slow, the design is cluttered, the offers they want wasn’t there, the product’s’ benefits are not clear, the website shows ads everywhere and the list continues.

So, how can you come up with a website that is clutter-free and give your prospects the information they need. Here are some tips and tricks for web designers to create a website that is simple, clean and most importantly, attractive, to turn visitors into leads.

  1. Keep 3 W’s in Mind

There are three things your website design agency needs to be clear to your visitors when they come to your website.

  1.       What are your selling?
  2.       Why should people consider your products or services?
  3.       Where a visitor should click if he wants to engage?

If any of these W’s will be missing, you won’t be able to grab the attention of visitors. If your website focuses on these three things, you can easily get your visitors to convert.

  1. Choose the Right Elements

There are many website design agencies that don’t know the factors that make a website look cluttered. According to visitor perception, text is the main factor that makes a website looks cluttered and unappealing. Websites that have lengthy paragraphs on the pages have least clarity.

So, keep your descriptions, instructions, claims and information limited. You can hide text in expandable tabs.

Some other factors such as ads, tables, outdated plugins can also make a website appear too busy and unappealing. Elements that does work are large, high-quality, images. Images will easily grab visitor’s attention without making your website look cluttered.

  1. Avoid Carousels

Slides that change every few seconds are irritating for users. Don’t use them. If you are an expert in conversion optimization, then you better know how harmful it is for your website.

Usually, it is because having too many people involved in a design process with a lot of ideas. And they can’t fit their ideas onto the website, so they decide to use a carousel on the homepage.

The decision might please your different teams, but it simply won’t work to attracting customers. Remember, carousels don’t work, avoid them at all costs.

  1. Come up with a Design-friendly Theme

Do you know who is the biggest opponent of clean and minimal websites? No, not a bad designer. It’s typically your company inertia. Let’s picture this terrible situation: having design decision be taken by the highest paid person of the company or non-technical person.

So, if you are the one who has all powers to make the final decision, make sure to keep the experts feedback in mind rather than what you think is suitable. In web design industry, the cultural aspect is often underestimated. Please don’t do that, promote a design-friendly culture in your agency.

  1. Take a Logical Approach

According to general findings, the clutter will drive your prospects away. Since there are no standard rules about what elements should not be added in your business website. Some elements will surprisingly work best for some businesses while for other brands, they don’t simply work.

So, figure out what your audience love most and the consider the latest web design trends, then create a landing page accordingly.  

Before making any tweaks in your web design, make sure you know what type of impact it will create on your visitors. This can be determined by doing A/B testing or conducting a survey. As these methods are far better than deciding based on personal likings or going with a guess. The key here is to move toward a design approach that is objective.

Follow these simple tips and tricks to create an outstanding website design your visitors will truly love.

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