Lovely Places to Visit in Maharashtra

Mumbai is said to be the busiest city of India and the financial capital of this country too. People who stay there say that this city never sleeps. The cheers and the loudness of city perfectly blend with the quiet and serene shores of Arabian Sea and the famous Marine Drive is a beautiful tourist spot. This place has a large number of studios and theaters as the largest film industry of India is here. One can definitely visit and spend a lovely holiday in Mumbai. You can look for hotels in Malad as there are many reputed options for a comfortable and lavish stay, but when in Maharashtra, there are some places which one should not give a miss.

Aurangabad: This is a city which got its name after Aurangzeb who was a Mughal emperor. This place has a lot of monuments which are of great historical importance. The ancient rock cut natural caves like Ajanta and Ellora is situated here and many people from all over India and abroad come here to visit them. These caves have been labelled as the world heritage site. In this city mainly people believes in Islam religion and Urdu is the common language spoken here. That is why; there are many Mughal specialty cuisines available here as well which are delicious to taste.

Goa: This is perhaps, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The beaches and the soft sands, the shores and the nature, everything about Goa is perfect for a honeymoon couple. The shimmering sun on the beach and the Portuguese architecture and the churches make it a lovely place to spend time together. Add on are the energetic night life, some delicious sea foods and a perfect drink. Everything is so romantic about Goa that you just cannot help but fall in love again.

Mahabaleswar: This is a hill station which is situated on the Western Ghats of Maharashtra state. The hill station lies at a height of 1353 meters and it is from here the River Krishna originates and flows down through the state. The river water starts flowing from a place which resembles the shape of the mouth of a cow and it is located within a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. In summers, most people find a gate away in this place and one can also trek to the mountains to make their holidays more adventurous.

Peb Fort at Neral: People have heard of Matheran near Mumbai as it is a very popular hill station. Neral on the other hand is just a few kilometres away and not so mainstream travel destination. Here is a lovely fort called Peb Fort where one can climb and view a breath-taking scene around.  There are caves, waterfalls, dense forests and too much green around which will soothe your eyes and make you feel fresh and energetic. It is said that one takes an average time of three hours to reach the top of the fort. One has to reach Neral first and then take a jeep ride to the exact location from where they can start their trek.

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