Making Recovery as Simple as it Sounds after a Back Surgery

Once you are done with the surgery, it is important that you lay emphasis on the recovery aspect. It would be to allow the spine to recover in a proper manner, consumption of healthy foods, increasing the levels of activity as suggested by your surgeon. In addition, you would need the proper amount of sleep as well. All the efforts you make would make the recovery process smoother and you are in a position to get back to the normal course of work as well. In the midst of all this, you would need to comply with the instructions of the surgeon from time to time as well. The best spine hospital in India suggests a recovery plan based on the following

Spine care

It would be better if you take short walks daily. With the passage of time, you can go on to increase the distance as well. You have to be part of a daily exercise regime as it helps you recover faster. Do keep away from activities which require bending, stretching or asking you to lift heavy weights. Do discuss with your doctor whether you can climb the stairs. Doctors generally put a restriction as far as climbing stairs is concerned during the first few months.

Pain management

Do take pain medications as suggested by your doctor. It would be better if you could opt for pain relief medicines. Only consume the prescribed dose as suggested by the doctor and do not get into the overdose mode.

When to get in touch with your surgeon

If you have frequent fever, chills or pain in the area of incision then you would need to call your doctor. Shortness of breath or loss of bowel function could also contribute to getting in touch with a surgeon.

Incision care and bathing

Do follow the instructions on how to bathe once the surgery is over. After surgery, the surgeon is of the opinion that the area around the incision needs to be kept clean and dry for close to 4 days. Do avoid tub baths till the incision has gone on to heal completely and you would need to seek the opinion of your surgeon.

You are expected to have some pain in the area of the incision after surgery. This would go on to heal with the passage of time. Do follow the instructions of your surgeon on when you would need to get the staple removed. In case of some incisions, they are known to strip on their own.

A balanced diet

A balanced diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables would be great. As you are going to be less active during the surgery, it is better that you keep away from high-calorie food. To eat well is the key to surgery. This will help you recover better and you will be in the best of health.

Most of the best spine hospital in India to follow the above-mentioned models for a speedy recovery of the patient.

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