A Pregnancy week by week guide and how you deal with it

It would be great if you can find out what is happening in your womb during the last few months of pregnancy. Here you can go on to calculate weeks of pregnancy guide. It would be a better idea. If a mother is able to do so they can find out more about pregnancy. In fact, they are well poised in order to deal with all complications that arise from the same as well. In a pregnancy record book, you can note down all the details

In the weeks leading up from 1 to 4

You can say that the first week starts off from the last date of a woman’s period. Once you touch the 4th week of pregnancy, the fertilization of the egg occurs and a new life starts forming. It would be that time when the early symptoms of pregnancy do start showing in as well.

It is between the weeks 5 to 8

It would be the right time where you need to take a pregnancy test. You can say that the tests work out to be more or less accurate at this point in time as well. The moment you reach 6 weeks the heart of the baby does start beating. As a future mother, you might start to experience morning sickness at this point in time as well. By the 8th week, the fetus is known to have legs and arms.

In the weeks 9 to 12

At this point in time, the stomach of the woman does get enlarged in order to make space for the developing baby. In fact, a variety of changes are found in the body as well. The fetus does start to move but a mother might not even realize it as well. You can say that by the 10th week the intensity of the morning sickness does start to lessen as well.

In the weeks 13 to 16

Once the week 13 to 16 is touched upon, you can figure out the gender of the baby with a certain degree of certainty as well. The fetus does begin to move, but a mother might not even realize it as well. You can say that by this point of time, the intensity of morning sickness does begin to reduce as well.

Then we come to the later weeks. By around 20 weeks the internal organs of a baby begin to develop. A fine hair does cover the fetus that goes by the name of lanugo. If you are able to take an ultrasound test you will be in a position to know the gender of your baby. Once the baby goes on to touch 21st week the baby is known to start breathing. At this point in time, the woman may do experience some form of contractions as well. Once you touch upon 24th week the fat starts accumulating in the body. This does help the body to maintain the body temperature after the birth as well.

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