Professional Project Management Online

EMP Partners provide online services, which are very flexible, for project portfolio management (PPM) and the usual daily work. It is provided through Office365, and is tailored to suit the needs of people who require capabilities for complete management of project online and offline. This allows you to keep all your resources, projects, and team members highly organised and moving towards the completion of the goal in a systematic way.

You can create excellent schedules with the tools provided, allowing you to maximise your time, getting rid of redundancies and inefficient use of time. Office365 helps you make better decisions. You can get invaluable information from the built-in reports like Resource Overview, and Burndown. They help you visualise the statistics and make logical, well thought out decisions that are completely backed by data. There are numerous tools to help you network with people as well, such as Yammer and Skype for business. You can always be a team player with tools such as these at your fingertips, boosting your ability to collaborate. When dealing with any project, efficient management of available resources is paramount. You have access to top quality management tools that enable you to create project teams, efficient timetables and request for additional resources with ease.

Microsoft Office365 has several features that will help you out throughout the way.

The smart set-up takes you through the general functionalities and helps get you started on managing your project in no time. If you’re pressed for time, you don’t need to create a whole new plan on your own. You can choose from a variety of templates that are sure to fit your needs. If you’re unable to find that specific tool, or forgot where a toolbar is, do not fret. The Tell Me search bar is an intuitive feature that lets you find what you’re looking for in a jiffy.

Time is money and scheduling saves time. Get access to state of the art tools that help you save every possible second, creating the most efficient and robust project plan. Use familiar charts such as Gantt charts to keep track of progress and reduce the time taken for training. Automation increases efficiency. You can have start and end dates auto-populated, based on the existing dependencies. The Task Inspector is a great tool to figure out what tasks are moving forward quickly and which ones are stuck in the queue. Schedules can get extremely complicated. To create better clarity and understanding, you have access to multiple timelines that can be easily shared. It’s always good to track how far you have progressed and compare it to the actual goal. This can be achieved easily with the help of intuitive baselines.

There are some tasks that have a high priority. Use the Gantt chart to see which tasks are crucial and which need immediate attention. The task relationships can be understood easily with visualised relationships.

Very often, you may come across a scenario in your project where the outcome isn’t certain. You can manage these what-if cases by setting some tasks as inactive and run other tasks, without having to create a whole new project plan for testing. There is nothing worse than not having all team members on the same page. With the task list synchronisation capability, every team member can upload their work in the ShareClient, and it gets updated in the main ProjectClient.

Use familiar tools like Word and PowerPoint and store your project work in handy storage tools such as OneDrive. There are several extras you can get from the Office Store, extending your project management capabilities to solve niche project and business problems.

EMP Partners and Microsoft Office 365 is the only place you ever need to go for all your online project management needs.

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