How to Remove Unpleasant Odours & keep your Ford Smell like Fresh

Everyone loves that pleasant smell of newly bought car and wish to preserve it forever. But unfortunately, it disappears shortly after few drives. The situation becomes even terrible when you drop coffee, water or juice inside your car. If you are carrying pets freely without a carrier, you will be finding the smell of pet mess.

Despite making several efforts, preserving the original fragrance of new brand car is almost not possible. What you can conveniently do is to eliminate the bad smell and keep the interiors fragrant and fresh. Regardless of the kind of vehicle, all auto owners want their cars free of all kind of annoying smells. Presence of annoying odours becomes utterly unacceptable if you are driving a luxury vehicle like Ford. Though regular Ford service in Dubai and auto-detailing helps you to maintain the freshness of interiors, you can follow few simple things to remove common odours and keep it freshly fragranced for long.

Don’t let your car get dirty to prevent bad smells

Prevention is better than cure. The same concept is implemented when it comes to removing bad odours from your car. It seems logical and more straightforward to prevent the development of severe smell.  The best way to avoid bad smells is to keep your vehicle clean and regularly remove trash from vehicle interior to avoid stinking. Clean all kinds of trash, food items, laundry and other odour causing items every time you lock the car as leaving these items can lead to permanent smell.

Always use spill-proof cups to prevent spilling accidents and keep interior and upholstery free from all smell causing agents. Avoid carrying pets without a carrier. If you are travelling with pets, use carriers as it will help to prevent foul smells.  Always use heavy-duty floor mats with lips on edge. This will keep carpet free from water spills and debris.

Don’t let these nasty odours sit permanently in your car

Despite making persistent efforts, it has been observed that auto owners end up possessing smelly cars on occasions due to exposure to dust, grime or sweat. Though these smells are unavoidable at times, you can still get rid of them and don’t let them sit forever in your car. All you need is to follow few smart tips mentioned below.

Always keep an air freshener in the car which neutralises odours so that they are permanently removed. Regular vacuuming is also a good way to clean the upholstery and carpets. It fresh ups the surfaces and capture bad smells along with solid particles as well. If you think vacuum does not work well, take out the carpets and floor mats and wash them or spray them with a cleaner and wipe them well. This will keep your car smelling fresh for a long time.

Endnote: Bad smells are horrible and impossible to tolerate. This is why everyone desires to keep their vehicles smell good. For a luxury vehicle like Ford, scheduling a Ford service in Dubai at professional auto detailer is the logical way to conserve the fresh fragrance of interiors.

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