Select the Best Wedding Flowers

Weddings are special part of life, and it is a way of showing your personal grace and style. Picking up that right type of flowers for your wedding day, requires a careful planning. You have to consider the number of flowers and bouquets you will need, who are they going to be for, and also if you would like to carry flowers for reception and ceremony itself. You can look for such flowers which will work with the overall design and theme of the wedding. You will also require creating quick list, which consists of the flowers you would like to have, as this will help the florist and you to finalize.

To the ones who are non-brides, for them all bouquets basically appear to be the same. When you as a bride know exactly the kind of flowers you would like to carry for the wedding, then it helps your florist the most. But if you are not so sure then you can look for various options online. Flowers may come across as a simple thing, but they are quite special part of the wedding. Now with the advance technology, you can just select the best type of flowers online. You can then send flowers to Dehradun, Chandigarh, Noida, Pune, Delhi, etc. as the online delivery is super-fast, and you will have your flowers at the location within the same day or by midnight. Such option may also work the best when you want to have artificial flowers as well. In this post, you will get to read about some of the preliminary decisions you can make before selecting the best one.

  • Colour

Selecting colours is not an easy decision. If you already have a colour set in mind prior all wedding arrangements, then you may not have to worry about it as much. But many a times, even when you have chosen the colour scheme for the wedding, it gets difficult to match it with the accent or theme of the wedding. You also need to see whether you would like the flowers at the wedding to be of main attraction, focal point, draw attention, or blend in with the wedding style and not draw too much attention away from the décor of the place.

  • Shape

The shape and size of the flower bouquets is also to be decided upon. For bouquets the popular types of shapes are cascade, hand-tied, round, posy, nosegay, composite, and pomander. For the center piece floral arrangement, the height is to be considered.

  • Quantity

Next is to figure out the quantity, that in total how many flower or floral arrangement would be needed. The hanging flower arrangement, corsages, standing flower arrangements, center pieces, etc. all has to be considered.

  • Budget

While selecting the flowers, a budget has to be maintained. This established budget is something you have to follow, so you can also determine where and how you would like the flowers to go.

  • Timeline

You need to book the flowers some months prior to the wedding, especially if they are flowers which aren’t easily available. Also, the quantity in which you will require the flowers has to be arranged, so booking prior is important.

It is alright if you are clueless, and not sure how to plan it out. Hope this post helps you make proper decision, and have the best wedding flowers.

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