Technology Tips for Parents

The digital technologies have become a crucial part of the new generation’s lives owing to its widespread adoption. They seek the support of the technology to learn, communicate, play and take influence. However, the excessive and unsupervised use of technology can cause more harms than goods. The parents are in need to stay on top of these technologies, so they could guide kids about its use. If your children have started to show an increased interest in gadgets, smartphones, and the internet, make sure they use them safely and responsibly. Managing the digital lives of children can be a daunting task, to help parents make parenting less overwhelming in the digital age we have shared here a few tips. These are about the technology use of parents and children in a secure manner.

Be a Technology Role Model

Children do what they see their parents doing rather than doing what they are asked to. They would use the technology in the same way they see you using yours. If you bring your mobile phone and laptop to the dining table, they would not hesitate to do the same. We use technology to access information, stay updated and connect with others. Discuss your technology use with your kids so they could understand you are using it for productive purposes and not to play all the time. Communicate and model a positive use of mobile phones, internet and social media. If you keep checking your Facebook profile and over-sharing about your children’s accomplishment, your kids’ social media behavior would remain same.

Get in the Game

Learn about the technologies that play an integral role in your kids’ lives. If your kid is obsessed about Snapchat, you cannot afford to be unaware of the photo-sharing app. Ask about your kids’ favorite games and apps and download them on your phone. Develop interest in the technologies your kid is excited about. When you and your kids would be interested in the same thing, you could discuss it and advice your kid about its use.

Use Web Filters and Parental Controls

The internet is loaded with objectionable stuff that is not appropriate for any age group. Before you provide internet access to your children, make sure to use website filters and parental controls on your home network. You can either use the built-in parental control options or install browser extensions to block access to inappropriate stuff on the internet. You can also take the support of the android spy software to monitor and control the internet use of your kids on their mobile phone and computers. The software also lets you block the unwanted and objectionable websites on your kids’ devices. Meanwhile, you can track the mobile phone activities of your family and safeguard them from the online and offline threats.

Make Digital Rules

Compile a list of rules to be followed by the whole family regarding the use of digital technologies. These rules can help control the excessive use of addictive technologies like televisions, mobile phone and the internet. Let your kids know that they independently use their devices keeping the rules in mind but if they break any of the rules, they would lose their privilege.

Have Discussions

Talking to your kids about the use and potential risks of the technology can be helpful in getting them learned about the secure and responsible use of the modern technologies. Inform them about the dangers of sharing personal information on the internet, speaking to strangers online and meeting them in real. Also, help them to set their social media profiles as private and use settings they may find comfortable and secure. These discussions can also be helpful for parents in learning about their kids’ perspective and experiences online. Also, talk to other parents and know what means they use to protect their kids from the meanness of the digital world.

Give all these tactics a try and promote a positive and healthy use of technology among your family.

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