Visa Fees And Supporting Documents

Apart from your recent photographs, passport, other essential documents like the invitation letter, flight itinerary, hotel booking confirmation might be needed. There are several countries which abide by their own inadmissibility guidelines prior to the issue of visa. In certain cases, they might also render potential visitors inadmissible if they find any past criminal record associated with you, or suspect a possible security risk. Entry can also be suspended in case you have a serious health or financial problem and many more.

For you to get a permanent residency visa Australia, you need to get an invitation letter for it. An invitation letter attached to the travel visa application is particularly a formal letter of invitation from the individual you are willing to visit. The letter should be such that it clearly states that they are inviting you to stay at that place or just visit them in that particular land. An invitation letter is yet another way of checking on the potential visitors, to clarify if the temporary visit was indeed necessary and true for the purpose. You can also check on your final destination’s government website regarding what should be included in the formal letter of invitation, in order to gain a successful access to the country. You can also go for an immigration consultant to get tips on how to make your earnest urge of visit get reflected on the letter so that your visa application gets approved.

Immigration permanent residency in Australia will ask you to pay certain fees in order to obtain a visa. Needless to say, the number of fees vary from country to country. The visa officer might also request you to come for a visa interview, before granting you a confirmation for your application. A proper need for your travel to the desired country is the most plausible question likely to be asked by the visa officer. Other likely questions are, whom you are traveling with, how long you will be staying, whom you will be visiting, whether you have health insurance for the travel and others.

The embassy of the country you are willing to visit might require you to provide supporting documents for the optimal filling of your visa application form. Such supporting documents which need to be attached to the main visa application are as follows:

  • You need to attach a photocopy of the datasheet of your passport.
  • You need to have a travel insurance.
  • You need a proper letter of invitation.
  • You need more than one recent photograph of yours of a significant size, as decided earlier by the visa office.
  • You need to show your airplane tickets and also provide a proper evidence as well as the purpose of travel.
  • You need to provide a written evidence of financial support during the tour.
  • And of course, the main part is, you need to pay the visa application fees.

Your visa application can be denied, and you will be restricted from your entry into the desired country in case if, the requirements for the visa is not properly met.

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