Wedding Planning Mistakes That you Must Avoid

Wedding is supposed to be the most romantic affair in the life of both – the bride and the groom. However, there is a whole lot of planning and execution that takes place before you make this event a memorable one. A few mistakes and you could end up spoiling the experience not only for your own selves but also for those attending your big day. If you want to avoid such a situation, you might want to keep a checklist on the following points.

Not preparing a detailed and clear budget
Take out time to extensively plan the budget and don’t let your impulses take control of the purchasing. Set out your priorities, whether its food or photography that you want to spend the most on or if you want to keep enough for yourselves to enjoy a lavish honeymoon. Do make a list of the top five things that you might want to do and plan your budget around them. Detail your budget with your spending proportion set out for caterer, venue, photographer, cake, décor, invitations and other miscellaneous expenses.

Leaving things to the last moment
Plan ahead. If you wait till the last moment, not only will you end up creating huge frustration and confusion around you, you will also end up spending much more than you should have otherwise. You might have to compromise as well on a lot of things that you wanted to do initially. You might not get the right venue or the caterer of your choice or the band you wanted for your wedding might not be free on the day. Set the date as quickly as possible for everything and place checkpoints at regular intervals as to how much of the total work has been completed.

Not comparing prices
This is a thing you will be able to do if you have followed the point above, of starting early. Just because it’s your wedding, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay outright prices to the vendors and to those involved with the preparation. If you start early, you will have the time to compare between different vendors and make the right choices. Just don’t go to a particular shop and settle the contracts. You may be able to find the same stuff elsewhere at lower prices and you can use this money to do something else or do something better.

Don’t refuse help by taking everything on yourself
This is a very common mistake couples do. It is your wedding, and friends and relatives will be more than happy to be allowed to play a special role by helping you out. This will also make the affair more personal for them and you can take off some of the workload off your head.

Also, one of the most important things, do not forget to incorporate YOU. While it is great to take care of the guests and make them feel special, do not forget it’s your wedding and you need to take out time for the things you always imagined and dreamt of would happen at your wedding. So keep in mind all these Points when you hire a Wedding planner in San Diego.

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